Sustainable Food Production

Aquaponics represents a controlled ecosystem in which both fish and plants are cultivated. Contrary to conventional one-loop aquaponics systems where the water recirculates between the aquaculture and hydroponics systems, I have developed a system that allows to grow fish and plants under optimal conditions. As seen in the figure below, I have expanded the system with distillation technologies as well as bioreactors to reduce the waste flows of such systems to a minimum. Such systems are called decoupled multi-loop aquaponics systems and are mainly suitable for industrial scale installations.

Open Access Book

Together with many amazing scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world, I have written the scientific book Aquaponics Food Production Systems. Its 24 chapters give a coherent state-of-the-art overview of aquaponics. The book is published under open access license to make this book available for everybody. We believe that its content is public information and should not be hidden behind a pay-wall.

Via the following link/button you can download the whole book for free or order a hard-copy version of the book. The book already achieved 750,000+ downloads (Oct. 2020).

Journal Editor

I am currently editor for the aquaponics section of Aquaculture International (Springer, Germany; the good one). Aquaculture International is the first journal that dedicates a whole topical collection on aquaponics. Feel free to also submit papers on biofloc, maraponics, etc.