About me

What is lacking at the present time is the manifest will of combining hardcore science with entrepreneurship. As both an ecopreneur and a university researcher I have dedicated myself to fulfill the demand of increased food needs by doing research in the field of aquaponics and nutrition, and turning the findings into reality.

Encouraging a more intensive collaboration between research institutes, universities, and industries is the key to a more sustainable world, where the nutritional personal needs of each and everyone of us are catered. This long-term process keeps me busy.

What I can do for you

I can plan and conduct research in the field of aquaponics and nutrition.

I can make you fit and healthy, and lead you to extraordinary mental and physical conditions.

I can connect your company and/or research institute with stakeholders that share their objectives.


  • Multi-loop aquaponics systems
  • System thinking / system dynamics
  • Nutritional impact on the human metabolism
  • Scientific writing and methodologies